Office Star Multipurpose Center Folding Table Review

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Office Star products are known for their strength and durability, and the Office Star Resin Multipurpose Center Folding Rectangle Table is no exception. Perfect for almost any situation requiring a temporary table, the Office Star combines light weight, high strength, and great value.


With a weight capacity of 300lbs, there isn’t much the Office Star Folding Table can’t handle. The blow-molded resin top is waterproof and stain-proof, making it the ideal table for outdoor meals where the weather-or a spilled beverage-could spoil the fun. The top is also impact and scratch resistant.

The legs and framework of the Office Star Center Folding table are made from powder coated steel with a dark gray finish. Rubber end caps are fitted to the legs to prevent the table from scratching fragile floor finishes.

When not in use, the legs fold in to the framework and lock in place, allowing the table to fold in half. Once folded, the table locks in place for storage. A strong carrying handle makes moving the table from place to place a breeze. The table can be stored under beds, couches, etc.

The Office Star Folding Table measures 72”l X 30”w X 29.25”h, and is also available in many lengths from 36” to 72” to fit the needs of almost anyone.

No assembly is required. Just remove the table from the box, unfold and use.


Despite its light weight and portable design, The Office Star Folding Table is strong, durable, and stable. The powder coated steel legs move precisely in to position and lock securely in place. Other companies save money by using a less durable enamel finish on their legs, and the durability suffers. Powder coating is much more resistant to chipping, and holds up better over time.

The blow-molded resin top is rigid and tough, with no sagging under heavier objects. Liquids do not soak in to the surface, making clean up quick and simple.

Office Star stands behind the product with a 10 year limited warranty.


Because The Office Star Resin Multipurpose Center Folding Rectangle Table can be used in so many ways-and stands up well to all of them-it is a terrific value. Buyers can count on many years of worry free use due to the excellent strength of the materials and overall product design.

The Office Star replaces the fragile, unstable folding leg card tables of the past. It is the perfect temporary table for holidays, dinner parties, and get-togethers. The table can also be handy for garage sales and flea markets. The Office Star is very common with weekend warriors at race tracks across the country because it is strong enough to hold tool boxes and parts in the paddock, yet it stores easily in RVs, trailers, sheds, or garages.

Without a doubt, the Office Star has earned their reputation as a leader in the industry. The Office Star Resin Multipurpose Center Folding Rectangle Table provides a lightweight, strong table surface that will stand the test of time. The best price, shipped to your door, can usually be found at thanks to their competitive pricing. Overall, we think you’ll be extremely happy with the Office Star table and couldn’t give it a higher recommendation.

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