Lifetime Fold in Half 34″ Square Folding Table Review

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Bigger isn’t always better, and the Lifetime Fold in Half 34” Square Table proves it. Need a few more available seats at a dinner party? Tired of arts and crafts taking up the dining room table? Maybe you are going camping and need a table for meal time. When you need a table to be small, light, and portable, the Lifetime Fold in Half is where it’s at.


In the Lifetime Products family of products, the 34” square fold in half table is definitely the baby. When in use, it measures 34” x34” and stands 29” tall. This makes it the perfect size for impromptu card games or for use as a temporary computer table.

When the table is not in use, it folds up to 17.5”L X 33.9”W X 3.1”H, a size not much bigger than a travel garment bag. Weighing only 20lbs, this table can easily fit in even the smallest of vehicles and brought to picnics, pitch-ins, parties, or wherever it is needed.

The 34” folding table features a high density polyethylene top that is UV and stain resistant to keep it looking great through years of use both inside and out. The top has a very mild texture molded in to it to help prevent items like glasses from sliding.

The frame and legs of the small square table are made of steel with a powder coated finish to fight off rust and corrosion. The legs are sturdy and lock in place securely with metal detent buttons serving as the release mechanism. While there are no levelers for the legs, they do come equipped with rubber caps on the ends to prevent slipping or damage to fragile floors.
A built in handle makes carrying the table as easy as can be.


Lifetime Products used high quality materials in construction of the 34” square folding table. The result is a lightweight, portable table that does not wobble or rock while in use and won’t buckle from the weight of normal use. The table is backed by a 1 year limited warranty, which is just about the standard for products in this category.


The 34” folding table is very reasonably priced compared to the competition. Because of the sturdiness of this small table, it has countless uses from holiday meals to camping. The ability to store the table almost anywhere is a huge benefit to those who are short on space, RV owners, people on the go, who might need a sturdy work surface on short notice while traveling. The 1 year warranty means you won’t have to worry about the table letting you down.

To stretch your dollar the farthest, we suggest checking out, which tends to be equal to if not better than the most competitive companies. If you find that you are looking for a larger table or one with different features, take a look at our list of best folding tables for more choices.

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