Flash Furniture Folding Banquet Table Review

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Lightweight, plastic folding tables are great for many things, but they can’t hold up to daily use in school cafeterias or banquet halls. When businesses need heavy duty, commercial grade tables, they turn to tables like the Flash Furniture Rectangular Mahogany Melamine Laminate Folding Banquet Table.


The banquet table from Flash Furniture comes in 4 sizes. The 24” x 48” x 30” model weighs in at 37 pounds and is the smallest in the lineup. One size larger is the 30” x 72” x 30”, with a weight of 60 pounds. Next up is the 30” x 96” x 30” cafeteria size weighing 75 pounds. Finally, the monstrous 36” x 96” x 30” banquet table tops the lineup with a weight of 88 pounds.

As you can see, none of these tables are light weight. It is recommended that the tables be set up and taken down by 2 people.

The tables feature brown powder coated steel frames and legs for maximum strength and durability. The thick gauge steel tubing used in the legs ensures that the table can support anything it needs to, day in and day out. The legs are capped with rubber feet to protect the floor surface below the table and prevent the table from sliding on polished floors commonly found in cafeterias.

The thick mahogany printed melamine table top is smooth as glass and looks great. Brown T-molded edge banding both looks great and protects the edge of the table top from damage while in use and in storage.


Because these tables are designed to be used every day, they are built strong and built to last. The heavy steel framework and thick steel tubing used in the legs keep the table from wobbling or buckling under heavy loads.

The mahogany printed melamine looks decently real, but is much stronger than actual hardwood or veneer. Melamine stands up to spills, chemicals and stains much better than wood and vinyl, which makes these tables perfect for churches, cafeterias, schools, banquet/bingo halls and event rooms.

Flash Furniture also offers a storage dolly system for these table that keeps them organized and protected when not needed.


While the price on the Flash Furniture Rectangular Mahogany Melamine Laminate Folding Banquet Table is higher than the lighter weight plastic folding tables, the quality is as well. While these folding tables are designed for heavy duty commercial use, they can also be used for the occasional dinner party or work table. When the legs are folded in, the tables take up little room in the garage and can stand up to a lifetime of residential use.

Flash Furniture stands behind the quality of their products with a 5 year limited warranty. A lot can happen to a table in 5 years of commercial use, so it goes without saying that these tables are built to last. All in all, if you are looking for one of the highest quality tables on the market and are willing to pay to play, the Flash Furniture Folding Banquet Table is the table for you.

To find the best deal on the Flash Furniture Rectangular Mahogany Melamine Laminate Folding Banquet Table, Amazon has pricing that is pretty attractive. If this table is a little too beefy for what you are looking for, feel free to take a look at our article ranking the top folding tables for more options.

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