Cosco 34in Resin Top Folding Table Review

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The Cosco Black Resin Top Folding Table is another high quality, versatile piece of portable furniture from Cosco Products, a company that has been around for over 65 years. Cosco is known throughout the world as a leader in folding furniture and step ladders.


The black resin folding table comes in 2 sizes. The 20” wide by 48” long by 28” high rectangular table weighs 13.2lbs, and the 34” by 34” by 28” square table weighs 15.5lbs.

Both sizes are built using high quality, powder coated black tubular steel for the framework and legs. The legs come equipped with rubber feet to prevent damage to flooring surfaces. The table tops are made from black injection molded resin that is stain resistant, waterproof, and will never rust or corrode like steel tops can. The tops are rigid and flat with a slight texture. Cleaning is simple using common household cleaners or soaps.

The table features a hinged, folding design that makes setup and teardown quick and easy. The legs lock in place in both positions making the table sturdy when in use and easy to carry and store when not needed. Neither model features a built in carry handle, but it really isn’t needed as both tables are ultra-light and can easily be carried by one person.


Just like their other products, Cosco has used high quality materials and design to create a strong, durable, light weight table. The resin top is excellent for food and beverage related tasks and hold up well as a buffet or serving table. The top is also robust enough to serve as a desk, dinner table or work station. With their light weight and small footprint, both sizes are excellent for caterers and event coordinators on the go.

Travelers will find these tables particularly nice when it comes time to pack up the RV or camper. The tables take up very little storage room and are strong enough to have heavier items stacked on top of them when packed away.


High quality and affordability seldom go hand-in-hand these days, but that isn’t true for the Cosco Black Resin Top Folding Table. The high quality materials used in construction will stand up to normal use through many years of service. A company doesn’t stay in business as long as Cosco if they aren’t making good products.

It is no coincidence that this table can be found at tailgating parties around the country every single weekend. These tables are strong, durable, light and easy to move from place to place. If a product can stand up to the abuse and demands of a tailgate party, it can stand up to pretty much anything.

As far as best prices, Amazon is usually a safe bet thanks to their competitive pricing. Overall, we give the Cosco Black Resin Top Folding Table our highest recommendation in either size, and think your needs will be met in either case. If you feel that this table isn’t quite right for you, have a look at our guide to the best folding tables for other options.

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