Alera Wood Folding Table Review

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When you need heavy duty strength and stability without the high cost of commercial banquet tables, the Alera Wood Rectangular Folding Table might be just the table you need.


Alera offers their wood folding table in 5 sizes to fit the needs of their customers. Of course, the weight and price vary from size to size, but the quality and construction materials remain constant.

The smallest table in the lineup measures 48” x 24” x 29” and weighs 39 pounds.

The next size up is 60” x 18” x 29”, with a weight of 34 pounds.

The slightly larger 60” x 30” x 29” model weighs 52 pounds.

The full length 72” x 18” x 29” has a weight of 42 pounds.

Finally, the largest table in the model lineup is the 72” x 30” x 29”. This beast weighs in at 60 pounds.

All tables feature 1” steel tubing for the legs, and 1.75” steel framework. All steel is powder coated in a brown color. A gravity lock is equipped to lock the legs in place either while in use or when storing. The legs are equipped with black plastic feet to protect the floor surface and prevent sliding. The tables are built with a 5/8” thick top, finished in a brilliant walnut grain melamine that is durable and strong. Melamine is much easier to clean than actual wood and is resistant to chemicals water and staining, making these tables an ideal choice for school cafeterias or art classrooms.

A black rubber edge banding around the table top protects the edges of the tables and matches the feet perfectly. The Alera wood folding tables can support up to 1200 pounds when the weight is evenly distributed, which makes them some of the strongest folding tables on the market.


Because of the materials used in construction, the Alera folding tables are of a very high quality. The 5/8” thick top won’t buckle under weight like some models with ½” thick tops. The melamine is very durable, and the walnut wood finish really dresses the table up nicely, allowing users to forgo table coverings if they choose.
The tables are quite heavy and most users will want to have help when setting up or tearing down. However, once the tables are folded up, all sizes can be stored easily and take up very little room in the garage or storage room. Carts are available through supply stores that make storing and moving the tables an easy task.


Surprisingly, with all the features and quality of the Alera folding tables, the price is competitive with plastic folding tables. Other tables with similar builds and weigh limits often cost twice as much!

Alera backs their products with a 5 year warranty, which is rare for tables in this price range. In fact, most plastic tables only carry 1 year warranties.

As far as places to purchase, Amazon’s competitive pricing will normally beat out the competition on heavy duty tables such as the Alera Wood Rectangular Folding Table. That said, if the Alera doesn’t quite fit your needs, give our other folding table recommendations a read to see what other options exist.

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